Creating a Content Strategy For Your Counseling or Treatment Center

General Marketing

When it comes to your website, blogs, emails, commercials, and any other form of written content your practice has, you’ll need to make sure they are all cohesive and blend well together. A content strategy is the foundation of all the words that make up your business’s persona, and it decides how many people will think of your business.

Are you going for a serious, professional tone to let readers know you mean business? Do you prefer a friendlier, warm approach to show people you care about the work you’re doing in the industry? Perhaps you prefer to blend the two approaches and have professional wording with an occasional tone of relatability to let readers know that your business is run by a down-to-earth human. Although it may seem trivial at times, this could be one of the biggest decisions your business makes when creating content!

Why Create A Strategy?

So, why should you create a strategy before writing anything? When you think about it, it’s similar to creating an outline for an essay or book that someone is writing. It’s very rare for someone to just start writing with no direction or parameters that give the piece a sense of organization. You can relate this idea to the process of writing for your business as well.

There are many different strategies that practices use to create a persona for their office. As we discussed in the previous section, you and a competitor can either take an identical approach, or you could stand out from the crowd and “put your own spin on it.” It’s helpful to look for businesses or practices that are already doing well and see how they speak about their company to their potential clients to get an idea of where you’d like to start. Although you should look to those doing well, it doesn’t mean you should copy them because it can come off as being disingenuous. You always want to be unique! 

How Do I Implement My Strategy?

After you’ve created a strategy that you’d like to use in all of your marketing efforts, you’ll need to apply that methodology to everything you create for your business. Whether you’re writing for your website or a blog, you’ll need to make sure that you’re being consistent and keeping the strategy in mind. It can be off putting for visitors to notice professional language on your website, but then see social media pages full of jovial and humorous language. Although social media can typically be less professional, you’ll still want to maintain a sense of responsibility and share the same values that you advertise in your other marketing efforts.

Before putting any content out, you should ask yourself a set of questions that allows you to qualify that content as “passing the test”. You can include questions such as:

  • Does this give off the intended tone to readers?
  • Have I shared this content before? If not, why not?
  • Is this content pushing readers closer to my end goal of becoming a client?

If you’re uncertain of how to create an effective content marketing strategy, or if you would like professional assistance, the team at Theory About That can help! Our team is comprised of seasoned professionals in the counseling and marketing industries and we would love to help craft a strategy for your practice or center. To learn more about our content marketing services, visit our website and contact our team!


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