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Why Content Marketing?

There are two reasons to have a content strategy for your therapy practice or treatment center: to be found online and to be a resource for your community.

Discover how our strategy helps you win with both.

Be a Resource

Counseling centers intuitively understand that they need to be viewed as a resource in their community for those struggling with a wide variety of mental health concerns. This is even more true online.

By creating blogs and resources that users can utilize, you can establish your practice as a helpful resource in the industry, instantly boosting your credibility with potential clients.

Creating content focused on the services you offer, the methods you use, and popular topics in the industry, users can begin to trust you more, and are more likely to see you as a professional and worthy of their investment.

Be Found

Having a website doesn’t necessarily guarantee that you’re going to be on the first page of Google. To have success with your website and content, you’ll need to employ SEO strategies for therapists that position you higher in rankings, allowing users to find you more easily.

With the help of organic content marketing, your website and blog pages can become ranked higher and you’ll be able to stand out from the crowd of hundreds of practices that users have to choose from.

Be Shelf of Mind

With the help of email marketing and social media posting, you’re able to stay in touch with your users on a regular basis and reach out to them with information about your practice.

If you’re hosting an event that you’d like to increase attendance for, you can create a Facebook post and send your existing contacts an email informing them about when and where the event is.

Many practices also typically offer monthly updates which can be given via email to users who have subscribed to continually receive information regarding your practice.

People Come to You

One of the best reasons to utilize a content marketing strategy is to leverage the power of an inbound marketing approach. Inbound marketing focuses on bringing clients to you, rather than you reaching out to them and interrupting their routine with advertisements that they don't want to see.

By using this strategy, you’ll be able to capitalize on the content you've created about therapy and treatment to entice potential clients into learning more about your practice on their terms.

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Improve Your Real First Impression

With the high amount of competition for clients in the therapy and treatment industry, it’s important to be able to leave a positive, lasting impression on users that visit your website.

In having a modern design that's easy to navigate, you’re telling potential clients that you care about their experience, which translates into their perception of your practice and the services it offers.

Build an Audience

By building a following through social media, website content, blogs, and a variety of other content-based marketing techniques, you’re not only increasing your brand awareness, but you’re also building a pool of users that have the potential to become clients at any given time.

Then when you're posting great content consistently your audience is constantly seeing your content and becoming more familiar with your brand as time goes on.

Help People Learn About You

When you create content that informs users about what you have to offer, you allow them to take a step closer to being a client without having to wait.

What this means is that if users have questions about your practice such as which services you offer, they’re able to learn about each of those in a matter of minutes, rather than hesitating to contact your business to ask these questions.

Capture Leads

One of the most obvious benefits of content marketing is the fact that it can easily produce leads for you or your team to follow up on. If a user subscribes to your practice’s blog, downloads your eBook about effective treatment methods, or fills out a “contact us” form, their information is given directly to you.

Once you have a contact's name, phone number, and email, it becomes much easier to get in touch with them and help guide them toward becoming a client for your practice or treatment center.

Be an Evergreen Marketing Machine

Content marketing is an extremely cost-effective marketing strategy because it doesn’t require an ongoing budget of spend to keep it running. For example, ads on Google or Facebook require you to spend a certain amount of money each month for them to continue to appear for users. On the other hand, blogs, eBooks, and other content on your website live on forever.

These pieces of content will continue to be available to users as long as you wish, increasing the odds that they help you capture leads.

Stand Out From The Rest

Design services can be pivotal in improving your marketing strategy because they allow you to become unique and avoid using the same content that other practices are using.

If you’ve written an eBook that you’d like to place on your website, it’s a great idea to have the eBook designed in a way that not only represents your brand throughout, but shows readers that you aren’t simply taking a “cookie-cutter” approach to your content. That way your practice will stand out from the others your potential clients are seeing online.

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