Social Media Made for Counseling & Recovery Centers

A Social Approach to A Personal Experience

Show Professionalism

Maintaining social media accounts in the therapy and treatment industry can be tricky due to certain rules and regulations regarding privacy. Let the experts take the reins and avoid complications while displaying a professional demeanor.

Inspire Activism

Many of the things shared on social media have a call-to-action. You can share content or make announcements that get users in the door of your office who are ready to receive your help through social media.

Promote Collectivism

Operating a social media account is not about pushing an agenda. It’s about promoting a community of followers that have interests in the same topics, share similar ideas, and identify with your practice or business. This strategy is pivotal in growing awareness for your practice or business.

Mitigate Skepticism

Using social media to share industry trends and statistics can be helpful in helping people see that the work you’re doing is meaningful. Although you can’t name specific cases, you’re still able to share tips, guides, and useful information for users to take advantage of.

Increase Website Engagement

Drive Traffic Through Social

Although many people believe that social media efforts can be limited in the therapy and counseling world, that’s certainly not true. There are several regulations that forbid some practices, but social media platforms can still be an exceptional tool for your practice or business. With an audience on social, you’re able to spread the word about significant events, inform users about yourself and your brand, and even direct people to your website to learn more. Oftentimes, your social media presence can be the most significant driver of traffic to your website, where you can have them land on pages with prominent call-to-action language and obtain more inquiries about your services.

Save Valuable Time

Focus on Your Craft & We'll Grow Your Audience.

One of our team’s primary goals is to handle the marketing while you focus on providing exceptional care to clients. Social media can be a time-consuming task that takes away from the amount of time you have to run your business or provide your services to those in need. Let us handle your social presence while you handle the healing process. Don’t let a lack of time be the reason your brand isn’t active on social media!


We’ve pulled together some basics to help you get started.

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