You need a Team who cares about quality

Our Values

Our mission is to “Help you feel heard and helping your clients feel seen.”
We achieve this through our four values.


  • We work to capture our client’s voice accurately and genuinely.
  • The content we write flows from a place of depth.
  • We are honest about the limits of our ability/ areas of strength and are able to ask for help/ seek support when needed.


  • We are always growing along with our clients (and willing to take on new projects when it’s the right fit).
  • We are responsive to feedback and believe it helps us create a better product.
  • We incorporate feedback moving forward.


  • Whether it’s the process of writing, designing, connecting, or advocating, when we allow creativity & passion to lead, we can create high-quality work and be proud of what we have created
  • We believe that by engaging in this work in a meaningful way, we can form a culture where we not only create excellent products, we can also enjoy the process.  


  • The reality of this work is that we will not always be given everything we need in order to complete our tasks, however, we are creative and flexible in our approach to solving these occurrences and believe that we are capable.
  • We believe that when we plan ahead and update our processes, we can be better prepared for the future.
The people behind it all

Our Team

President & Owner

Rachel O'Connor, LMFT

Rachel embodies the passion and purpose of Theory About That, to "help you feel heard and help your clients feel seen."

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Tighe O'Connor

I am excited to help lead the Theory About Team, focusing on great design and the latest in marketing strategies.

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Marketing Manager

Kate Rodriguez

Helping you reach your ideal audience with engaging content tailored to your brand

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Graphic Designer

Antonella Morales

Let’s collaborate to transform ideas into visually stunning realities

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Head of Content

Danielle Shull

Curator of words and curiosity. Eternal student of compassion. Avid Researcher.

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Website Manager & Social Scheduler

Julie Serra

The ray of sunshine managing your blog and social channels. Crafting content that will captivate your audience and help drive engagement.

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Content Specialist

Emily Flynn

Raconteur and avid fact-finder, with a lifelong interest in learning more, and sharing knowledge.

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Graphic & Motion Designer

Pablo Quiñonero

Pablo believes that marketing has the power to mix the world of art and commerce. Doing that right is what makes your brand unforgettable.

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Social Content Creator.

Nicole Athena Alexander

Teacher of healing through movement. Crafter of meaningful content. Yoga and moon stories blog writer.

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Content Writer

Kayla McGruder

Kayla has a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Psychology, and a passion for research and writing.

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Content Writer

Courtney Gardner

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work and two Master’s degrees in Social Work and Childhood Studies.

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Content Writer

Haley Acra, LMFT

A practicing counselor in Washington & writer dedicated to encouraging self-reflection and de-stigmatizing mental health concerns.

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Content Writer

Taylor Sweet

I love writing that helps bring that to life in telling stories, tales of triumph, and providing encouragement to those struggling.

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Content Writer

Jessica Mack

Lover of good reads, morning coffee, and Betty White.

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Content Writer

Aleksandra Wielogorski

Aleksandra has a deep interest in research, specifically regarding behavior and motivation.

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