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Maintaining Relationships Through Email

Email Marketing for Therapists

Make Contact

Although we favor an inbound approach, that doesn’t mean you can’t reach out to your prospective clients via email. It’s important to make contact with prospective clients and let them get to know your brand better!

Maintain Your Presence

One of the most useful uses of email is to remain present in the prospective client’s mind. Use emails to share information with subscribers on at least a weekly basis to keep your brand “top of mind”.

Share The News

If you think about the type of emails you typically receive, most of them are sharing some sort of news to entice readers into contacting the company or making a purchase. Share interesting information and updates with subscribers so you don’t miss out on these opportunities!

Generate Interest

You can use email to accompany your website and social media efforts in generating interest for attending events and informational sessions. Increase turnout and reduce the number of ineffective marketing efforts by integrating email as a powerful tool in your strategy.

Email Marketing Example for Therapists
Improve Email Results

Increase Leads Through Email

Email is an essential tool in moving prospective clients through the “buyer’s journey”. Once you’ve made your initial contact, you’ll need to ensure that those people follow through and contact your business for more information. Our team is experienced in a variety of email techniques and we can work with you to develop a strategy that provides exceptional open rates, call-to-action clicks, and generated contacts!

Email Marketing Example for Counselors
Optimal Messaging via Email

Target Your Audience

An important facet of email marketing is to ensure that you’re delivering messages to prospective clients at the optimal time. People don’t like to hear about signing up for counseling services immediately if they’ve never interacted with your brand before. Use gradual emails to build interest and offer your services later on after you’ve established a relationship with the user.

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