Innovative Marketing for Therapists: Tighe on the Mastering Counseling Podcast

Innovative Marketing for Therapists: Tighe on the Mastering Counseling Podcast


Episode Overview: Embark on a journey into the heart of therapy marketing innovation with Tighe O'Connor, co-founder of Theory About That, featured on this illuminating episode of the Mastering Counseling Podcast. Discover how Theory About That spearheads a digital revolution in counseling and treatment centers, leveraging quality content, website creation, and strategic marketing. Tighe shares invaluable insights on empowering therapists, fostering authentic connections, and navigating the intersection between digital creativity and therapeutic excellence.

Lessons You’ll Learn: Uncover practical strategies for impactful websites, platform selection, and harnessing social media for practice growth. Tighe underscores the importance of authenticity, adaptability, passion, and problem-solving in delivering top-tier digital marketing services. Dive into the complexities of marketing, effective audience targeting, and building meaningful connections in the competitive mental health landscape.

About Theory About That's Co-founder: In this podcast, hear from Tighe O’Connor, an award-winning digital media creative and co-owner of Theory About That. Passionate about staying ahead of the curve, Tighe consults with small businesses, contributing to the growth and success of therapy practices across the United States.

Topics Covered: Explore Tighe’s journey, Theory About That’s unique approach, website design, platform selection, and success stories transforming counseling marketing. This comprehensive guide is a testament to Theory About That's commitment to revolutionizing the digital marketing landscape for therapists.

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