The Therapy Client Journey

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What are the opportunities available to you online? Another way this can be phrased is when does your potential client experience start? The majority of this work is done before they even come into your office. Your job doesn’t start when they book a session, it starts way before that. It’s best to think about this along a continuum. This continuum is called the “therapy client journey”.

What is the Therapy Client Journey?

So, what is the “therapy client journey”? Every single person is somewhere along this spectrum. It’s important to make sure you have all of your bases covered. Let’s first understand the 4 types of people and what general steps you should take with them. We’ll get into the specifics later.

Curious Stage

A stranger who is aware of certain pain points or desires in their life. And is curious about their situation.

They are asking questions like - “What does depression feel like?” or “what should I do about my anxiety?”

How to reach them - Create content via blogs and your social media that speaks to these general problems & pain points. 

Consideration Stage

Someone who understands their pain points and is ready for a therapy solution.

They are asking questions like - “Okay, now what? What’s my next step?” “What should I look for in a therapist?”

How to reach them - Create content talking about different therapy solutions. Offer free 15 minute evaluation to meet and discuss their questions.

Client Stage

Someone first receiving therapy from you.

They are asking questions like - “What do I need to do before my first session? What does therapy with you look like?”

How to reach them - Do a great job! Have a consistent brand experience from your social media channel all the way to your office. Have additional blogs, resources, or worksheets that you can refer them to on your website that answers frequently asked questions

Champion Stage

An existing client of yours who now loves your services and constantly recommends you

They are asking questions like - “How can I build upon the work I’m doing in therapy? How can I get my spouse/best friend/teen/mother-in-law to sign up for services?”

How to reach them (& help them reach others) - Give them easy ways to refer you. Have an active social media presence where they can share posts. Have blogs that they can send their friends, etc.

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