Types of Digital Media and Content for Marketing

Types of Digital Media and Content for Marketing

Print & Digital Media

By having your practice create custom digital media on a regular basis, you’re opening up several new types of content that you wouldn’t be able to normally use if you were simply using stock photos or graphics. Some of these forms of content are original photography, branded videos, customizable graphics for social media and email, as well as downloadable content that improves lead generation efforts. We’ll dive deeper into the importance of each type of content to emphasize the importance of originality in your practice’s marketing efforts.

Photo and Images

Although you aren’t really allowed to take photos of your clients due to patient confidentiality and HIPAA standards, you are able to take photos of your office, the outside of the building, employees, and much more. Having the option to use these sorts of photos opens up opportunities to share much more organic posts that users can identify with. For example, you can share a photo of yourself with a brief bio on your social media pages that allows your followers to get to know you before they ever meet you. If they feel like they know a little about you, it can make them feel more comfortable or more secure knowing you’re experienced and friendly.

Another important reason to have original photography is to promote events, networking efforts, and other important venues that you want people to know you’re attending. Take photos of your practice being at the event or being active in the community to let your followers know you have a desire to make a difference in the industry!


Did you know that more than 50% of users on the internet prefer video content? This statistics shows that users are moving toward a more visual form of interest in content and you’re going to need video if you want to get the attention of the masses. Whether it be an informational video about your practice, a video sharing tips about topics in counseling, or just an interview with you for people to get to know you better, it’s essential to have some form of original video that users can interact with to improve your marketing efforts.

Even more importantly, HubSpot goes on to say that 75% of millennials watch videos on social media on a daily basis! Today, many practices and treatment centers are targeting millennials in their marketing efforts because they have become the largest demographic in the country and are of age to need assistance from these businesses. Millennials offer a series of new challenges for companies trying to get them in the door, and creating captivating video content is one of those challenges!


Graphics are important for a few different marketing efforts, but most people emphasize the use of graphics in emails and social media. Having an original graphic that you’ve created allows you to modify your own images with text, or turn stock images into something much more original.

Using graphics allows you to advertise events, quotes, testimonials, and other forms of content with attractive text over a photo. When you share this on social media, it is a quick statement that users can read and continue to scroll by without feeling inundated by the length or complexity of the image. It’s important to create content that is attention grabbing, but not time consuming. Users want a quick and informational experience when they interact with your brand on social media!

Downloadable Content

One of the most important forms of original content is the downloadables that your website will be offering to users. Downloadable content is pivotal in securing leads for you to follow up on and nurture into clients or residents. For you to use downloadable content, it is necessary for everything to be original so you aren’t accused of stealing something that another company has created to further your own efforts! Simply put, you cannot have downloadable content if you do not create it yourself!

Once you put the effort into creating original downloadables, you’ll notice that users begin to download these in exchange for their contact information if they see value in it. Creating eBooks, checklists, workbook activities, and other materials provide a valuable resource to your users and a qualified lead for your practice or business. Oftentimes, businesses will create an eBook to kick off their efforts with the new website as a means of collecting leads until they have more content to share. Ebooks are popular forms of content because they address an issue in long form, allowing the user to read into their problem much deeper than just a blog or social media post.

If you don’t know where to start when it comes to creating captivating digital media, or if you don’t have the time needed to create it, the team at Theory About That can help you create it! Our team has years of experience creating pieces of content that create leads and help users get the information they need in creative and interesting ways. To learn more about our digital media services, you can visit our website!


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