Utilizing Popular Social Media Platforms as a Therapist

Utilizing Popular Social Media Platforms as a Therapist

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When it comes to using social media to create results and leads, many practices haven’t fully the platforms to the best of their abilities. Simply creating a social media page and letting it sit doesn’t provide any benefit to your business. To provide true value, you’ll have to remain active on social media and let your audience know that you’re interested in having a conversation with them! In this blog, we’ll discuss the best uses for each of the most popular social media platforms and how they can directly help your practice or center establish a presence in today’s digital market.


Facebook is the flagship of social media platforms due to its continued success over the years. The audience on Facebook has a large range, encompassing both millennials and their parents. With Facebook, it’s important to stay active, share curated content, and videos if you have them. Videos perform the best on Facebook because they’re easy to watch and start to play automatically as users scroll down their timeline.

Even if you don’t have your own videos to share, it can be helpful to share other videos that highlight topics or people in your industry so your users know what your brand is interested in. If they see a video that they like on your page, they’ll be able to tie your brand to that feeling of happiness or excitement in the video.

FACT: There are over 80 million small businesses that use Facebook Pages! (Facebook, 2018)


Twitter is famous for its 280 character limit for posts and quick update style of posting. Twitter differs from Facebook in that you are very limited in what you can actually type, so it’s important to make sure that whatever you’re posting should be brief and to the point. According to Entrepreneur.com, posts that feature news, articles, GIFs, and blog posts perform the best because they can either be embedded in the post or included in a link at the end of a post.

When posting links to Twitter, it’s important to use a link shortening tool to help save space for what you actually want to write. A link shortening tool can take a very long URL and compress it down to less than half the length of characters using a redirect link. By shortening the URL of the link you’re sharing, you’ve given yourself the ability to write a post that is 10-15 characters longer than you could before. This allows you to squeeze in longer sentences and inform users about why they should click on the link!

FACT: Tweets with videos get over 6x as many retweets as tweets with photos! (Wochit, 2018)


Instagram is useful for marketers that are looking to share high quality photos and videos. While you can share this type of content on other platforms, it tends to perform the best on Instagram because the platform is known for its visual appeal.

You can also share quotes by employees in your office, anonymous quotes from your past clients, and even famous quotes from leaders in your field. Quotes are easy to read, make a brief point, and allow users to digest them quickly while scrolling through their timeline.

Finally, Instagram features a “stories” option that allows users to post a series of short videos back to back, allowing users to click through each video in chronological order. These stories are useful for sharing video content that exceeds the time limit or requires a change of scenery.

FACT: 71% of Instagram users are under the age of 35! (Statista, 2019)


For businesses looking to network and establish themselves in the industry, LinkedIn is a powerful tool. Depending on the type of industry a business is in, LinkedIn can either be used primarily for networking with other professionals and businesses, or it can be used as the main platform for lead generation.

In the world of counseling and therapy, LinkedIn can be useful for more than just establishing brand awareness. Many professionals on LinkedIn could be seeking help for a problem they have and seeing your practice’s profile can push them to come into your office for assistance!

Posting jobs, professional content, and company news on LinkedIn is typically a good strategy for using the platform. People on LinkedIn are working professionals that want to learn about an industry, so sharing that content satisfies that need while also advertising your brand to the world.

FACT: 40% of LinkedIn users visit and use the platform daily! (Omnicore Agency, 2018)

Theory About That has extensive experience not only in the marketing industry, but in the counseling and treatment world as well. By creating a team that is knowledgeable in both specialties, our company has become a powerful force in providing results to centers and practices looking to implement social media strategies to boost their marketing efforts. If you’re interested in learning more about social media and how it can benefit your brand, contact us and we would love to help!


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