What Should I Have on My Counseling Center's Website?

What Should I Have on My Counseling Center's Website?


Many therapists and treatment centers are aware of the benefits of having a website, but knowing what to put on your website can be just as important. Most times, users visit your site seeking helpful information or a way to contact your practice. Without the right components, it’s easy for users to have a bad experience or miss out on crucial information that you had the opportunity to provide them. In this blog, we’ll discuss the basic components of a successful website and why each section is pivotal to the accomplishment of your digital marketing goals.

What Should You Have on Your Website?

Your website is going to be your best employee if it’s implemented correctly. We say this because websites don’t go home at the end of the day and they never take breaks! On a more serious note, your website is a critical component of moving someone from being a potential client to a current one. This is where they will first learn of your business, learn about what you offer, and decide whether to stop and fill out a form, or move on to your competitor. You only have one chance to impress each user, so take some time to plan out how you’ll do that. We have a few recommendations as to what pages are “must-haves” to help get you started.

The Homepage

Your homepage is your first impression. You only have a few seconds to show users what you do and why you’re special. Make those seconds count by dazzling them, but not overloading them immediately.

About Us Page

Once you’ve gotten a user interested in your website, they almost always go to an “about us” page. This is where they’ll learn more about your company and determine what sets you apart from another company in the same industry.

Service Pages

Now that users know what sets you apart from other practices or businesses, they want to know about everything you offer. These pages will discuss each service that you’re selling, and they’ll gravitate toward ones that help them solve their issue, so make sure to create a page for each service you’d like to market.


A place to write and store additional resources and information for your website. Think about it as a comprehensive resource library that you consistently update.

Getting Started

What is all the common information someone might need before they book with you? This is the perfect place for answers about rates, insurance, what to expect, and more.

Content Offering Pages

Users may be interested in your story and your services, but it’s likely they aren’t going to go “all-in” the first time they visit your site. Offer downloadable content that allows them to leave with more information than they arrived with. This can be an eBook, a checklist, or a brief infographic that provides valuable information about the topic they’ve been researching. For a user to download one of these pieces of content, they’ll need to provide their email or phone number, as well as their name so you can follow up with them and help them answer any other questions they may have, as well as determine how ready they are to convert to a client.

Contact Us Page

For users ready to take the next step and come to the office, you’ll need a page that allows them to send you their information. You can use a simple form or create a separate page that allows them to submit their name, email, phone number, and other valuable information you’ll need to follow up with them. Users that complete these forms are considered to be the highest quality leads because they’ve indicated that they want to actually speak to someone at your business!

With the help of our team, many practices and centers have created websites that allow them to communicate their message to their audience and increase their pool of potential clients. If you’re looking to “wow” your clients and provide them useful information, you can contact our team or visit our website to learn about our website design services!


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