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1. Job Description

Thank you for taking interest in writing for Theory About That. We work with a wide array of companies from counseling to treatment centers. They each have their own focus and specialties. Our ideal candidates are those who love writing and love the world of counseling/psychology.

Most of our blogs are a 750-word minimum with some formatting requirements. Each blog should take around 3 hours after research, writing, editing, formatting, and submission. Typically we provide you a topic and some short notes. Once we work more together we’re always open to hearing topics you’re passionate on and would like to write about!

Our writers typically write around 4 blogs a month and we pay a flat fee of $45/blog. If there is a lower or higher word minimum the pay will scale accordingly. (500 words = $35 or 1500 words = $75)

After a review of your survey and writing examples and you are chosen we will provide you with 1-3 smaller 500 word blogs for $35/blog in order to test the waters.

Therapist giving marketing adviceTherapists doing marketing

2. Our Survey

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3. Writing Samples & Resume

Please send us 2 writing samples (ex. a paper you've already written in the past for school) and your resume. If you have any additional questions or something that would help show your skills & expertise feel free to send that as well!

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