Onboarding Call

You’ve got a busy practice and you’d like it to stay that way. Maybe you’ve worked with another company in the past, but quickly became frustrated by their lack of understanding of the mental health space, and the depth missing from their work. Our comprehensive marketing plans begin by learning about your practice in depth, your brand voice, and what sets you apart from the rest.

We offer two packages depending on your budget and the package extras you'd like to include. Begin by selecting the plan that is right for you.


1 hr Monthly Strategy Call
Quarterly SEO Research & Content Plan
1500+ Word Content Package & Upload to Site
Base Social Media Package
1 Email Newsletter per Month



2 hrs Monthly Strategy Call
Quarterly SEO Research & Content Plan



Available Upgrades

Every possible service your company needs is within this list.

  • $450 - 3000 Words Package
  • $850 - 6000 Words Package
  • $200 - 750+ Words Website Page
  • $350- 2000+ Word SEO Resource Page
  • $100- Psychology Today Profile
  • $75 - Editing Blogs
  • $75/hr - Content Refresh
  • $75 - Post Blogs to Google My Business & Facebook
  • $75 - 2 Social Posts per Blog
  • $300 - Social Branding Package (Canva Templates)
  • $400 - Social Profile Optimization
  • $300 - Create & Manage Rotating GMB Posts
  • $550 - Base Social Media Package
  • +$250 - 1 hr Engagement per week
  • +$400 - 2 hr Engagement per week
  • +$600 - 3 hr Engagement per week
  • +$100 - Boosting of Instagram Posts
  • +$150 - LinkedIn Specific Strategy (1/wk)
  • +$300 - Reel/ TikTok Animated Graphics (1/wk)
  • +$150 - Increase to 5 posts/wk
  • +$250 - Increase to 7 posts/wk
  • $75/hr - Current Website Management
  • 2.5 - Landing Page Content & Design
  • Learn more about our website options
  • $300 - Canva Designed Logo & Mood Board
  • $ 250 - Business Cards
  • $ 400 - Postcard (Seasonal or Promotional)
  • $150 - Event Flyer
  • $75/hr - Presentation or Slide Deck
  • $150 - Custom Website Icons (25)
  • $400 - Checklist, One-pagers or Guides
  • $550 - Trifold Brochure
  • $550 Full Stationary & Letterhead Package
  • $550 - Custom eBook (8-15 pg)
  • $1200 - Full eGuide (15-30 pg)
  • $300 - Welcome Email/ Template
  • $150 - 1 email/mo
  • $225 - 2 emails/mo
  • $550 - Email Series Workflow/ Nurture Campaign (3)
  • $850 - Email Series Workflow/ Nurture Campaign (5)
  • $150 - 2 hr. SEO Keyword Research & Content Plan
  • $150 - 2 hr. Google Ads Workshop
  • $100 - Landing Page Design
  • $300 - Landing Page Content & Design
  • $150 - 2 hr. Social Ads Workshop
  • $150 - Local SEO Listing Management
  • - 30 Second Custom Animation
  • - 1 Min Custom Animation
  • - 2 Min Custom Animation
  • Learn more about our design partner, Verve Studios

How Much Do Social Media Services Cost?

The cost for having our team create and maintain your social media accounts varies significantly and depends on the platform, the number of platforms, the frequency of posts, and the amount of time spent managing the profiles. Contact our team to learn more about effective strategies that fit within your budget!

How Quickly Can I Expect Results?

Our team likes to think of social media as “playing the long game”. Essentially, if you have no social presence to begin with, your start can be slow, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t effective. Most times, users begin to grow exponentially once your profiles have been set up and the posts start rolling. Remember to always promote your profiles whenever you can, including events, in the office, and on your website!

Can’t I Just Manage My Own Profiles?

You sure can! However, many business owners and employees find that managing social media accounts is not only stressful due to the frequency of posts, but it is also very time consuming. Many businesses frequently let social media efforts fall to the wayside because they simply don’t have enough time to provide their services, run their business, have a healthy work-life balance, AND manage their business social profiles.

How Do I Know My Efforts Are Working?

If you currently don’t have a social presence, chances are, you’re missing out on a big opportunity for potential clients or residents. Sometimes, it can be challenging to know when people are aware of your social media presence, so you can simply ask them. If you have a new client, have them fill out a form that asks if they know you have social accounts, and if they don’t know, encourage them to look into them!

Doesn’t Social Media Violate HIPAA?

The short answer to this question is no, but only if you’re careful. Oftentimes, it’s very easy to violate HIPAA over social media if you don’t adhere to the strict regulations that are in place. Our team has been trained to understand these rules, avoid breaking patient confidentiality, and maintain a professional demeanor on your platforms to ensure proper compliance.

What's Your Onboarding Process Like?

Getting started strong is important to build an ongoing relationship of trust and transparent expectations. Here is how we work with you from the start to satisfy your ongoing social media needs:

Proposal & Agreement
You will start with a discovery call to ensure the proposal nails down your goals. After the proposal, you will be given an agreement that will solidify how many posts will be created by our team as well as any other specific marketing needed. This can be updated if needed but will give us the base agreement to start.

Onboarding Calls
After the agreement is signed, we will move into our onboarding calls. We want to understand your brand, brainstorm together, and build an achievable strategy that hits your goals. During the onboarding is when we will collect access to all profiles and accounts as well as create any profiles needed.

Ongoing Communication
Post onboarding, our team will always have open communication with you and your team. If any additional discussions are needed our team has open scheduling or we will work will your team to find times. We will always reach out when content is ready to be reviewed or other social media items need approval.

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