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We have multiple solutions for your counseling or recovery center.

Therapist Content Strategy

Quality Content Written By Therapists

If you haven't ever developed your content strategy now is the perfect time to start. But make sure your content isn't just written by anyone. We have a team with a comprehensive knowledge of this industry.

  • Provide Content Marketing Education
  • Help You Develop Audience Personas
  • 100% Custom Topics & Content For Every Client
  • Written by Actual Experts in the Field

Content Marketing & Distribution By Marketers

After you have great content, next you need marketers who know how to use it in order to get the most out of your efforts.

  • Custom Marketing Strategies for Every Client
  • No Templates. Everything Designed for Your Business
  • Provide Content Marketing Education
Therapist giving marketing adviceTherapists doing marketing
Easy monthly fee

Our Content Prices

1500 words

1-2 blogs

3000 words

2-4 blogs

6000 words

4-8 blogs

Single Blog

If you just need one blog or want to simply test out what it's like working together, this is the perfect option for you.
Per 750+ Word Blog
Per 1,500+ Word Blog


With over 1500 words and designed into a PDF that is custom to your brand, eBooks work great as "gated" content. This makes it the ideal lead generation machine.
Copy & Design

Website Copy

If you have a new or existing website it is critical to have a careful and knowledgable eye to look over your content and optimize it for the user and the web.
Based on Length & Scope
Step 3: Take it to the next level

Content Distribution Add-ons

Connect with your audience

Social Media Posting

We will help you develop a posting strategy for 3 social media platforms. Then develop a monthly social media calendar along with consulting on potential content that could be created on-site by your team.

  • Custom graphic design
  • Internal & external resource sharing  (blogs, links to articles, etc)
  • Calendar sent each month for your approval
  • Your own social scheduling platform to use (+$29/mo billed annually)
Delivered to their Inbox

Email Marketing

Drip marketing to your audience is powerful in keeping you shelf-of-mind. So we create monthly custom emails to keep in touch with your leads.

  • Utilize existing & supplemental content
  • Drip market your existing clients
Your Marketing Hub

Website Creation

We can develop a brand new website with a new modern look. It will be built to handle the new content that we will develop with you.

  • Responsive design
  • All copy writing included
  • Optimized for conversions
Look good while you're doing it

Print & Digital Media

Want Some package examples?

What's Your Budget?

Basic Blogging

Know you need website content but don't know where to start? This will allow you to meet your SEO needs and refreshes your website with regular content. Includes 1500 words a month which can be used for 1-2 blogs.

Basic Email

Want to use email to your favor? Keep your users aware of new content available to them as a resource with a monthly newsletter built to your brand.

Hourly Marketing Consulting

Need more help from someone who understand marketing? Get expert advice specific to your brand on content marketing subjects you want to improve in.

New Template Website & Basic Blogging

Need a new website? Refresh your website along with ensuring new content gets updated and added on a monthly basis. This is a great package for those with no online foundation yet.

Basic Social Media

Looking to take a leap with social media? This plan will help you build a consistent strategy for your profiles and will include all post scheduling to keep your profiles active.

Professional Blogging

Want your blog to be active and resourceful? Our professional blogging bumps up to 3,000 words a month for you to use in up to 4 blogs a month.

Basic Blogging & Social Media

Already have a good website? We will work with you to put out 1-2 blogs per month on your website as well as keep your social media active with posting that is consistent to your brand.

New Template Website & Social Media

Ready to dive in? Let start with a website and get your website up-to-date while enhancing it with robust copy. Then let's establish consistent posting for your social!

New Template Website, Basic Blogging & Email Marketing

Looking for website traffic? A new website, constant content being added, and email marketing campaign will be the perfect way to increase you SEO efforts while adding great content to your website.

New Template Website, Basic Social Media & Blogging

Want to come out on top? Let's build your website with converting leads in mind and make sure your website is working for you. With regular blog content and consistent social media posting you will see great traffic.

Basic Social Media & Blogging & Email Marketing

Have a website but need to tie everything together? This is the perfect package to start amplifying your efforts. Engaging posts, regular long-form resource SEO-friendly blogs being added to your site, and newsletters to inform your users of all the new content you have going on!

Basic Social Media & Blogging & Email Marketing & eBook

Need a content overload? We want you to be the best resource you can be for your clients and this package is a great start. Consistent posting, regular blogs, newsletters all to engage your audience and a long-form eBook content to provide a download to help capture emails.

Professional Blogging & Social Media

Need concentrated help in the content department? Let us help you add 3,000 words of SEO-friendly expert content to your website a month to help increase your resourcefulness on your website. Get regular social media posts for your social media platforms.

New Custom Website, Branding, Basic Social Media & Blogging

Looking for your brand to spark amongst the rest? We will work to build a custom website with unique functionality based on your brand needs. We will help establish your brand elements and guidelines as well as get your social media up to par and posting consistently as well as adding blog content to your website regularly.

New Custom Website, Branding, Basic Social Media & Blogging & eBook

Want just a little more content? This plan included everything above while also including an eBook which is great for adding additional content on your website while offered you a resource that you can collect emails in exchange for the downloadable content.

New Template Website, Branding, Basic Social Media, Blogging & Listing Management

Need a strong foundation? This plan will get you a personalized template website built to include all the important aspect therapist should be including along with a branding package and guideline for consistency. You will also get engaging posts on social media, regular blogs uploaded to your website, and listing management to ensure sites like Psychology Today are well built out.

Professional Blogging & Social Media & Email Marketing

Ready to build a content pushing machine? With 3,000 words a month for 2-4 blogs you will be being a regular resource for your audience then add social media providing well branding engaging and educational content to support your users. Finally, email marketing will make sure your audience is being reminded on all the robust content you have to offer.

New Custom Website, Branding, Basic Social Media, Blogging, Email, & Gated Content Plan

Ready to develop your lead nurturing? This plan allows us to work with you on a custom website build that have user experience as well as converting in mind. Then round that off with a branding guideline, consistent social media posts, regular expert blog content on your website, emails to help being additional attraction to your content, and a plan that will help us continue to create gated content to collect emails.

Professional Blogging & Social Media & Email Marketing & Gated Content Plan

Looking to connect your content for content marketing perfection? With 3,000 words being added to your website, social media posting, email marketing to help bring traffic to your new content, and a plan to continue to build downloadable content that requires users to provide an email, you will have a well oiled content marketing machine.

Advanced Blogging & Advanced Social Media

Ready to take your content to top notch level? This is a great plan for those who have already mastered keeping their blog and social at a decent level and want to amplify those results. With 6,000 words you will be able to craft 4-8 different expert blogs to add to your website on a monthly basis. You will also get a robust social media strategy that provides a high volume of posts to ensure you are beating the noise.
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