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Danielle Shull

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Anxiety/Depression | Sex and Intimacy | Alternative Lifestyle | Personal & Family Relationships

Danielle is a passionate wordsmith with an unwavering thirst for knowledge. She holds a Bachelor's of Science in Psychology and a Master's in Social Work with an international focus, both earned from a renowned Scottish university. As a practicing qualified social worker in Scotland, Danielle brings real-world experience and expertise to every word she writes for our clients. 

Driven by authenticity and fueled by critical thinking and imagination, Danielle excels in crafting person-centered content that weaves together theory, global perspectives, and heartfelt connections. Her skill lies in developing inclusive, thoughtful content that resonates with brand voices, particularly tailored to the needs of individuals facing learning disabilities, autism, and mental health barriers.

Fluent in British and American English, as well as Scots, Danielle's linguistic skills enrich her work and enable her to engage with diverse audiences. At Theory About That, she takes pride in delivering creative and meaningful content that helps clients achieve their goals.

Balancing compassionate authenticity with a collaborative spirit, Danielle embodies professionalism and passion in equal measure. In her downtime, Danielle immerses herself in captivating romance novels and enjoys the melodic charm of pop songs. These passions for language and storytelling inspire her creativity and drive her professional growth.

With her unique blend of qualifications, experience, and love for language, Danielle is a force to be reckoned with in the world of content creation and social work, making a positive difference one word at a time.

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