Content Specialist

Emily Flynn

Specializes In...
LGBTQ+ issues, mental health issues around parenting and birth, trauma, neurodivergence

Emily is a raconteur and avid fact-finder, with a lifelong interest in learning more, and sharing knowledge. With a Bachelors of Science in Plant Biology, and a life and work history that has gone from coast to coast, from exotic plant management, to environmental health work, to teaching and technical writing. She has racked up an enormous wealth of experience, with writing, particularly written outreach and reporting, being a common thread in every job she’s had. She is most interested in the HOW of any subject, and she combines rigorous research standards with a knack for picking up new skills and sharing them with others.

She lives with her daughter on the East coast, and can most often be found reading, baking, or creating beadwork, another lifelong passion. 

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