Bold Social Media Strategy for an Arkansas Counseling Center


This client approached us with the goal of creating a social media presence for her unique voice. She wanted to promote her services and connect with her community through social media content.


After getting to know this practice owner and her “dope therapist” brand, we created a social media strategy on par with her values, voice, and visual aesthetic. 

Our team creates regularly scheduled posts that target her ideal audience and build brand awareness in her community.


Located in Bentonville, Arkansas, this therapy practice was founded on values of authenticity and diversity. Their goal is to make any client have a sense of belonging when they walk in the door. 

 This practice serves individuals, families, teens, and couples. Unique focuses include cultural fatigue, or feeling “othered,” self-esteem, and LGBTQ+ identities. The founder is also a certified enneagram coach, offering enneagram coaching sessions in addition to standard therapy. These sessions are a new path to self-discovery for clients. Another aspect of this practice that stands out among others in the industry is the availability of animal assisted therapy.

Our Strategy

Our team decided to create some ongoing series of posts that each speak to a facet of this company. These include the following:

  1. Unapologetically Dope

This practice is all about being authentic to who you are, and discovering your true self. Posts in this series inspire and motivate followers to do just that.

  1. Animal-Assisted Therapy

These posts highlight the cutest team member on staff, CharLee the therapy dog. Because animal-assisted therapy is not available everywhere, we wanted to emphasize its benefits. It is an added comfort to have a dog involved in a therapy session and can even help clients open up. 

  1. Spiritual & Religious Trauma Content

Religious trauma is so common, and it is a focus for this practice. As a Christian therapist, this practice founder wants to help clients take their spirituality back on their terms. These posts explain this complex and heavy topic, while reassuring followers that they are not alone in the healing journey. 


  1. Relationship Advice

These posts encourage individuals in many different types of relationships - from romantic partners to family members. They offer advice and solutions for relatable situations people find themselves in. These relationship advice posts provide valuable insight while encouraging followers to seek help from a therapist if it is needed.

  1. Parenting Tips 

Parenting can be a difficult journey, and these posts resonate with moms and dads by providing tips and motivational words. 

  1. Enneagram Posts

The enneagram is a complex personality typing model. Because this practice owner is certified in enneagram coaching and provides sessions dedicated to self-discovery with the enneagram as a tool, our team decided to educate followers on the topic.

  1. Takeovers

This series allows us to deep dive into relevant topics throughout the year. For example, during May, we posted about various challenges related to motherhood.

The bold pinks, grays, and white used throughout this client’s social media represent her authentic approach to life and therapy, while remaining professional. Imagery of diverse groups of people of all ages, races, and backgrounds is important in any brand, but especially for this practice. Ultimately, we have created a social media presence that attracts and welcomes new followers, uplifts and encourages this community, and strengthens this client’s distinctive brand voice.

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