Custom Promotional Products for California Neuropsychological Practice


In an effort to expand brand awareness in their community, this client decided to hit the festival circuit throughout the Spring and Summer. They requested special promotional products to give out to festival goers that would include their web address, look great, and clearly represent their offerings. 


Our marketing team at Theory About That created two designs that would lend well to t-shirts, tote bags, and other promotional materials. The first design features the therapy practice’s logo behind the silhouette of a parent and young child holding hands and walking into the distance. The second variation features a parent and child in front of a sunset mountain view. 


Focused on providing comprehensive neuropsychological services, this therapy practice serves families, teens, children, and adults. They offer traditional therapy and evaluations that assess cognitive abilities, behavioral patterns, and emotional functioning. Their specialties include learning disabilities, ADHD, traumatic brain injury, and neurodevelopmental disorders. They wish to promote their new support groups for families with neurodivergent children and parent coaching.

Our Strategy

Incorporating the company logo keeps these designs on brand. The simple parent and child image is wholesome, welcoming, and conveys that they support parents and families. The designs incorporate brand colors and the high contrast of the black shapes on a white background stands out in a crowd. 

Each design includes the company web address and/or other contact information so that those who take the item home can reference it, and those who see the items being worn out and about can also jot down the web address or take a mental note to visit the website. 

Are you attending a festival, conference, or event sometime soon? Could you use business cards or branded swag to boost brand awareness in your community? The designers and marketers at Theory About That can help! Contact us for more information.


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