Custom Website Build for Multi-Location Chicago Psychotherapy Practice


This Chicago psychotherapy practice had many needs for its website. With four locations, many service areas and specialties, and over two dozen practitioners, it had to convey a lot of information in a clear and well-organized way. In addition to attracting and engaging new clients, the website needed to display a catalog of blog content, an online store with merchandise and webinars for sale, and a calendar of upcoming events.


The Theory About That web development team planned an in-depth website blueprint to ensure that all areas of the practice would be represented on the new site. They used CMS (content management software) systems to display relevant content. For example, when someone selects a blog post about parenting, other blogs on the topic are displayed in the suggested reads section below. Additionally, when someone selects a specific office location, clinicians at that location are displayed. As a result of these CMS groups, viewers can find exactly what they are looking for more quickly and easily.


This urban psychotherapy practice is dedicated to supporting individuals in achieving their optimal mental and emotional well-being. They emphasize a holistic approach to therapy, recognizing the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit. The brand is professional with high-contrast colors and thick bold lines, yet calm and inviting with blue tones and relatable imagery of individuals and families. 

The team at this Chicago therapy practice offers a variety of services, including individual therapy, couples therapy, webinars, career coaching, sports coaching, and family services. They embrace an integrative and person-centered approach, catering to a diverse range of individuals’ needs. 

Our Strategy

A video slideshow catches attention on the home page, scrolling with relatable sentiments, like “Listen and Be Heard in Family Therapy,” and “Step Up Your Game with Sports Mindset Coaching,” for each service offered. Interactive elements like an expanding menu and moving images and text throughout every page lead the viewer’s eye to continue scrolling. 

Important visual elements included are curated photographs, images of the practice’s office and clinicians, bold text and lines, and brand-consistent colors and fonts.

Each service has its own in-depth page relating to how the potential client feels and explaining possible symptoms and signs that it’s time to seek help. The tone is professional and person-first, but also readable.

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