Women's Online Therapy E-Book and Email Nurture Campaign


LunaJoy approached us to create a quality downloadable resource for potential clients in order to build an email list.


We strategically used important brand themes to write and design an e-book for LunaJoy's specific target audience.


LunaJoy provides holistic women's mental health therapy, counseling, and medication management for every phase life. Their sessions are held virtually, focusing on mind-body wellness, coaching, and personalized medication and genetic testing. Content has been an important part of LunaJoy's larger marketing strategy for some time, and growing their digital presence through new content is a priority.

Our Strategy

Because they already have a solid and successful content library, an e-book and email nurture campaign was a clear choice as the next step for LunaJoy. This campaign will not only create new leads and collect their information, but it will send traffic back to older content.

Throughout the e-book and email marketing campaign, we expanded on integral brand themes and kept a strong brand presence. Sunny yellow and deep teal accents create a hopeful yet professional and healthful feel. Images of diverse women reflect LunaJoy's mission to provide quality care to everyone.

The E-Book

First, we wrote and designed an e-book that discusses a variety of topics important to LunaJoy's audience. The e-book includes engaging prompts, guided affirmations, and helpful lists and resources. It is designed to target the demographic that would seek LunaJoy's services - women who are interested in personal development, healing, and self-care. The e-book is a reference that women will want to return to and share with friends, spreading brand awareness and keeping LunaJoy top of mind.

To download the e-book, users are sent to a landing page that we created on LunaJoy's website to fill out a sign up form.

The Email Nurture Campaign

When a potential client signs up to download the e-book, they are added to an email list to receive additional resources, self-care reminders, and links to related existing blog posts. This means that new traffic is constantly being driven back to LunaJoy's content, building a strong following.

Are you looking to build an e-mail list and provide resources to your clients? The experts at Theory About That can create the content and structure to make this goal a reality! Contact us for more information.


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