Eating Disorder Therapy Center Print Materials


This center for eating disorder therapy and nutrition counseling wanted to make more in-person connections within its community. To do that, they requested print materials to hand leave with adjacent medical professionals. They wanted both a larger postcard and a traditional business card. 


Our team created copy and design to fit this brand’s mission and goals, with a clear call to action. A QR code makes it even easier for a potential client to visit the contact page of their website and schedule an appointment. 


This holistic center offers outpatient eating disorder treatment and nutrition counseling. Because their services are accessible online, they serve many areas throughout California. Their approach to therapy is focused on true self-acceptance and self-love. Their team of over a dozen professionals includes expert therapists and registered dietitians. While their focus is on eating disorders and body image, they also help individuals struggling with trauma, anxiety, stress, self-esteem, relational issues, and grief. 

This practice has established a feminine, beachy brand with a gentle tone of voice and bohemian motifs. 

Our Strategy

We created postcards and business cards to be used in different scenarios. The postcards contain more information on the practice’s specialties and will be left with other companies where the target audience will see them. The business cards will be exchanged at networking events, with individual doctors, and directly with referrals. 

Both materials include a QR code that takes individuals directly to the website to make an appointment, the company’s branding elements, contact information, and an image of the therapist and dietitian team. The inspirational taglines “inclusive care and recovery for all bodies” and “you are not alone” are emphasized on these materials as they are at the core of this center’s mission.

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