Group Practice Social Strategy Showcasing Growth & Diversity


Well over a dozen therapists are a part of this collaborative practice, and this counseling practice needed a social strategy that showcased the diversity of their team, their long list of services and specialties, and their dedication to their local community. 

This practice has an abundance of content and resources they want to promote on social media, from blogs and media appearances to community resources for those in need. 


Our team organized all of the content this practice needs to promote into categories so that we could create consistent yet fresh content for each category month after month. 


Located in Sacramento, California, Counseling Col:lab serves a wide range of clients from children and teens to families and couples to adults of all ages. The Col:lab’s mission is to help clients “grow, flourish, and thrive,” and their brand aesthetic directly reflects that with lush greens, plant motifs, and clean geometric patterns. Their physical office space also has a calming and spa-like atmosphere.

This practice aims to serve and affirm a diverse group of people from various backgrounds, cultures, and gender and sexual identities. This practice is unique because they serve as a co-working space for clinicians. This allows them to offer therapy from varied viewpoints and theoretical orientations.

Our Strategy

To meet this company’s goal of building an audience and engagement via social media, we planned out six ongoing categories of posts. Each of these types of posts either informs or inspires the practice’s ideal demographic. You will see the brand’s neutral and green color scheme and earthy vibes throughout their feed. 

Quotes & Graphics

These shareable quotes and graphics make an impact on users’ social media feeds. Each quote used is carefully chosen to align with the company’s values.

Blog Announcements

This practice frequently publishes blogs and new pages to their website, and social media is one great way to help get traffic to those pages. Blog announcements are written to provide a helpful snippet of information and draw the reader in to see more. 

Video Content

The Col:lab has had some great success with their video content, both in the format of Instagram Reels and Instagram posts. Videos showcase clinicians as they speak on relevant topics, and highlight key soundbites from media appearances such as news and podcasts.

Clinician Highlights & Resources

There are so many therapists at this practice and showing their names and faces along with some information about their style helps build a connection with their audience. 

Finding the Right Therapist for You

It’s important that individuals suffering from mental illnesses or trying to heal from past experiences don’t feel alone. These relatable posts offer a helping hand.  Directly speaking to individuals facing specific challenges, they point them to which clinician would be a best fit.

Informative Posts

In 2022, there are still many mental health topics that the general public could be more educated on. From simply managing stress or burnout to defining DBT, these posts spread awareness to readers. Posts with facts and tips such as these encourage users to “share” and “save” them to reference later, increasing engagement for the account.

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