Social Ads for California Neuropsych Practice


This neuropsychological therapy practice recently introduced unique coaching programs for both parents of children with special needs and for individuals generally seeking to improve their lives and manage challenges. They needed to get the word out and promote these services in an effective way, reaching specific target audiences. 


The answer for this therapy practice was paid social ads. Paid social ads allow therapists to reach a wider audience than organic social media posts. By investing in paid ads, one can increase the visibility of therapy offerings and reach people who may not have discovered the brand otherwise.

The ad graphics and captions were designed to appeal to the two specific audiences that these programs serve. Photographs of sweet moments of connection between parents and children resonate with parents seeking to support their children’s unique needs. Messaging ensures these parents that they aren’t alone, and this practice has the resources to help them manage their children’s unique needs. 

The branding of each ad is crafted to be cohesive with the therapy practice’s other marketing channels - their website, emails, and social media. Bright imagery and the orange, blue, and gray color palette are attention-grabbing but professional.


This therapy practice provides a range of services, including neuropsychological evaluations, cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), individual and group therapy, and psychoeducational testing. They also provide parent coaching and general life coaching for individuals.

Our Strategy

For each ad topic, the Theory About That team created various graphic and copy options. Using A/B testing, we can find out which ad options garner more clicks and engagement. Once the most effective ad is determined, then that ad is run for a longer period of time.

The ad creative and caption copy both were created to appeal to the specific target demographic for that program or service. One ad caption geared towards parents reads, “You might be feeling left helpless following your child's ADHD or Autism diagnosis. You want to help them thrive, but you simply don't know how. You're not alone.”

The Theory About That team of trained mental health professionals, designers, and writers can help you improve your therapy practice’s marketing plan so you can reach more potential clients. Contact us for more information.


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