Men's Stress Therapist Website Build


This therapist needed a central hub for potential clients to discover his services, have their questions answered, and reach out for a consultation.


We completed a comprehensive website build with copy, design, and images relevant to the therapist's specialties.


Stress Solutions is a practice located in San Diego, California. Their team of two therapists serves individuals and couples through in-person and online therapy. Stress Solutions specializes in anxiety, depression, stress, self-esteem building, trauma, and personal addiction therapy. The majority of their clients are men. Their mission is to help motivated and passionate adults to eliminate suffering, improve their relationships, and live more rewarding lives.

Our Strategy

We began by building out all of the pages essential to any private practice. We then added a page of content for each of their service categories. These pages help users understand what they're going through and why they should seek therapy. For example, the Therapy for Stress page discusses the harm chronic stress causes, the symptoms and physical manifestations of stress, and the ways in which therapy can help.

This site uses on-brand tone of voice, design, fonts, and colors on par with the therapist's other online channels. Relatable images, geometric elements, and a deep blue and rust color scheme appeal to male-identifying viewers and reflect the lead therapist's personal brand. Most importantly, the site is easy to navigate, with all site buttons linked in the header and footer. Contact Us buttons and Free 15 Minute Consultation call-outs appear throughout the site so that users are called to action wherever they land.

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