Texas Trauma Therapist Website Build


This Texas therapist supports individuals in finding improved connection with others, healing from trauma, and freedom from fear. His solo practice website must reflect this in a simple, easy-to-understand way. 

Next, this site must act as a central hub for information and a marketing tool that encourages potential clients to read through and ultimately reach out for a consultation. 

The website must cater to the primary audience of the therapist, which includes individuals recuperating from trauma, those with attachment problems, and helpers coping with burnout. This practice’s website must appeal to those dealing with heavy problems and encourage them that overcoming them is possible. 


Taking all of the therapist’s goals into account, the Theory About That team strategically wrote and designed a website that provides encouragement and reflects the therapist’s compassionate style. First-person language appeals to readers and feels relatable while remaining professional. A green and blue color palette and nature-based imagery exude the possibilities of growth and healing. The website incorporates the therapist’s brand logo into backgrounds and draws attention to sections with custom-designed icons. 

Because this practice serves all of Texas via telehealth and a diverse audience, the design purposely appeals to a wide range of people. The cool color palette is professional and reflects the therapist’s calming personality, but images of plants, mountains, and waterways keep it grounded and not overly clinical. 

Most importantly, this site is easy to navigate and helps users find what they’re looking for. Sections clearly lay out the counselor’s different offerings and appeal to various audiences, with headers like, “Attachment work will help you flourish in the now as you heal old hurts,” and “It’s time to help yourself.” 


This practice’s work can be divided into four categories: parts work, complex trauma therapy, attachment therapy, and therapy for helpers. His brand is calm and professional, with a focus on healing, wellness, and overcoming fear. 

Our Strategy

A narrative is woven on each page of this practice’s website, appealing to the reader’s struggles and encouraging them to take the next step toward healing. It is a resource to visitors, educating them on the types of therapy that could help and building trust in the therapist. Clear sections and thoughtful design enhance the message and make potential clients feel at ease with soothing imagery.

The website is user-friendly, featuring linked site buttons for all pages in the header and footer for easy navigation. Throughout the website, clear call-to-action buttons with labels like "Let’s Connect" and "Get Started" motivate users to take action, regardless of where they land on the site.

In 2023, your website is the most important component of your marketing strategy as a therapist! The Theory About That team of trained mental health professionals, designers, and writers can help you take your website to the next level and improve user experience. Contact us for more information.


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