Social Media Strategy for a Beachy Counseling Practice


This group therapy practice wanted to make a splash on social media, highlighting their services, informational blog posts, their team of therapists, and motivational content. They needed assistance creating social media posts and captions, along with some graphic templates that they could use themselves in the future. 


We first got to know the brand, their mission, and their values. Then, we created six categories of posts that fulfill the company’s needs while providing consistent value for followers. Our team also created templates for each type of post that can be easily edited and used by this practice later on.


This practice has a main office located on the beach in Virginia, but offers online services throughout Virginia, South Carolina, and Arizona. They offer psychotherapy sessions for teens and adults, premarital/marriage counseling, and unique “walk and talk” beach therapy sessions. 

This group practice has capitalized on their beautiful beach location with a brand that is calm and serene. Their logo and other assets contain calming blues and pastels, sunsets, sand, and ocean motifs. 

Our Strategy

We used their already established coastal theme to create a cohesive feel for all of their social media graphics. 

Each of the six post categories we created align with the brand’s visual identity and their goals as an organization.

1. Specialty Focus Posts

We create service posts to highlight the different services this company has to offer, and the types of clients they serve. For example, an informational post about ADHD may help encourage someone with ADHD to seek help managing their symptoms. 

2. Team Introductions & Features

The practice is proud to have expert and diverse clinicians on their staff, and we think it's important to highlight them on their social feed. The better their followers can get to know and trust their team, the more likely they may reach out for a consultation. In promoting each clinician, we put faces to the brand. Sharing information about each therapist and their specialties will allow potential clients to discover who might be a best fit for their individual needs.

3. Motivational Quotes

As part of their larger aim to uplift and heal individuals, motivational quote posts are shareable pieces of content that are designed to inspire the reader. 

4. Infographics

A goal of this company is to be a resource for people based on the services they provide and the expertise of their clinicians. Therefore, we create informational graphics relating to mental health and highlighting mental health holidays and events.

5. New Blog Announcements

This company posts in-depth informational blogs on mental health, and we think it's important to highlight these on social media. For each new blog post, we create a graphic with an interesting snippet from the blog and a call-to-action linking to the blog.

6. Practice News

Throughout their feed, you will see occasional posts about this practice’s latest updates. One current goal for this company is to hire new clinicians, and we create posts that speak to the culture and benefits of being a part of this team.

Overall, this social media strategy has helped this practice connect with clients and potential clients, strengthen their brand presence, and engage with their community.

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