Coastal Light Counseling Work Example

This client is located near the beach, and we used their already established coastal theme to create a cohesive feel for all of their social media graphics. We did this by using a color scheme reminiscent of blue ocean hues and a setting sunset, as well as adding in elements to give the feed a "scrapbook" like feel.

This company is creating in-depth informational blogs on mental health, and we think it's important to highlight these on social media. For each new blog post, we create a graphic with a call-to-action linking to the blog.

This company is proud to have expert and varied clinicians on their staff, and we think it's important to highlight them on their social feed. In doing so, we give a face to the brand, and also allow potential clients to discover who might be a best fit for their individual needs.

A goal of this company is to be a resource for people based on the services they provide and the expertise of their clinicians. Therefore, we create informational graphics relating to mental health and highlighting mental health holidays and events.

We create service posts to highlight the different services this company has to offer.

An aim of this brand to attract clinicians, and we create posts that speak to the culture and benefits of working here. 

We create posts with quotes to provide both informative and inspiring content.


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