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Offering therapy services in Houston, Texas and online, this solo practice must stand out to potential clients in a crowded and competitive market. Her website must introduce the clinician, her therapy style, and personality in an inviting yet professional way, and get people excited about therapy! 

Additionally, this site must act as a central hub for information and a marketing tool that encourages potential clients to read through and ultimately reach out for a consultation. 

Finally, this website must appeal to all of the therapist’s key audiences - from stressed overachievers to masc people seeking therapy to those in transition or dealing with grief. We all know that people are more often than not hesitant to pursue therapy or finally book a consultation, so websites for counseling practices must be welcoming and inviting, yet professional.


The Theory About That team wrote and designed this website with all of these challenges in mind. Using person-centered but down-to-earth copy, they crafted a warm narrative surrounding the therapist and her brand. Standing out from the crowd of white and gray websites, the bold green, gold, and rust color palette and imagery used are also strong reflections of the brand. Down to the details of unique icons and section dividers, this website is guaranteed to be something never seen before. 

The design purposely appeals to a wide range of people. The color palette and elements are not overly feminine, but curves and rounded images convey softness. 

Pages with dynamic movement in the background and on clickable sections keep the user’s attention throughout the site.

This site is as functional as it is branded. The team carefully thought through layout and page division, keeping the main menu simple and easy to understand and navigate at a glance. The website also leaves room for additional pages in case this therapist decides to grow her practice.


This solo practice is focused on supporting people with depression or anxiety related to perfectionism, codependency, and people-pleasing. Her brand is warm, authentic, and heartfelt.

Our Strategy

With each page on this clinician’s website, relatable sentiments are enhanced and made clear by custom icons, carefully curated images, and design. The website maintains a consistent brand identity across its tone of voice, design, fonts, and color palette, aligning with the therapist's other online platforms. Its visual elements, such as hopeful custom graphics and geometric shapes, stand out for viewers while also representing the lead therapist's professional brand. 

Additionally, the website is user-friendly, featuring linked site buttons in the header and footer for easy navigation. Throughout the website, alluring call-to-action buttons with labels like "Discover My Secrets" and "Free Consultation" motivate users to take action, regardless of where they land on the site.

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